Welcome to the Wholemeal

Daily from 7:30am until 3:30pm

Dinner Thursday thru Saturday nights from 6pm


The name "Wholemeal Trading Company" was conceived during a late night 'session' around the fire in 1977. During the early days, the Café was furnished with vinyl beanbags and low tables made from old doors, surrounded by hessian-covered walls.

They served herb teas, smoothies, blissballs, date-scones, gateaux, cakes, custard squares and toasted sandwiches.

Gourmet evenings with a set menu quickly grew in popularity and created special nights out for many groups.

Over the years the cafe has expanded to take over all of the historic movie theater in downtown Takaka.

We compost our scraps and grow organic produce to be used in the cafe. We support local producers from the Nelson region.

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